Training and Education of Maternal Health Care Providers

SAMEO is in the process of developing a curriculum using WHO/UNICEF's recent midwifery training recommendations including a nutrition component, which will equip the birth attenders with midwifery, nursing and clinical skills in three year course which enable them to manage both emergency and non- emergency obstetric and paediatric situations such as paediatric and adult resuscitation, obstetric emergencies include postpartum haemorrhage, eclampsia, Cord prolapse, uterine inversion, shoulder dystocia and pulmonary embolism.

A birth attendant would also ascertain the skills of Breech and Twins vaginal birth and instrumental vaginal delivery using ventouse method. Peripheral venous access and perineal repair techniques will also be instructed.

SAMEO graduates will be appointed in areas where there are no medical assistance in the immediate vicinity.

Our Methodology

Animated lectures and practical sessions using simulators will be the fundamental methods of educating and training the individuals. The trainee will be assessed through scenario based questions and OSCE exam.

After graduation a trainee will master his or her skills under supervision for 12 Months. In addition, the SAMEO graduate will be participating in drills and skills sessions on a regular basis, which will be carried out in regional AHSC by SAMEO's fully trained team.

The course will be offered absolutely free of charge and nothing is to be paid for, in any form, by trainees. Instead the trainees will receive a reasonable stipend during the training period along with accommodation and meals. Upon completion of training the individuals with be arranged paid employment by SAMEO.

Expexted Outcomes

50 Birth Attendants per district (250 in total) will be fully trained. Upon completion these attenders will be able to provide maternal & child health care services including nutrition at community level. These midwives will synthesize theory and practical experience and other disciplines for applications/implementation in the field to serve the local communities within the SAMEO region.