Academic Health Science Institute to Improve RMNCH

SAMEO has set up collaborations with intra and inter-countries, academic institutions, and NGOs in SAMEO region to assess various regional issues around maternal and child morbidity and death rate.

Welcome to Sameo Academic Health Science Centre

South Asia Middle East Organisation (SAMEO) is an Academic Health Science Centre to provide high-quality reproductive, maternal and child health (RMNCH) care through dissemination of education, training and research in respective countries. SAMEO will work in collaboration with the Global Health Partners (GHP) to align its strategic directions and augment collective action to achieve global access to comprehensive, high-quality reproductive, maternal and child health care.


To convene, engage, catalyse, support and align actions with South Asian and Middle East countries through advocacy, accountability and analysis reproductive, maternal and child health strategies. The analysis of each related country’s health strategy will provide valuable data to the partnership which may be used for Research & Audit. The outcome would help to develop evidence based clinical practice in the respective country

Aims And Objectives

  • SAMEO focuses on the full spectrum of the reproductive, maternal and child health continuum of care with special attention to equity and underserved areas and marginalized populations.

  • SAMEO has a particular focus on South Asian and Middle East countries with a high burden of maternal and child mortality and low access to reproductive health identifying priority countries, issues and populations on an regular basis.

  • SAMEO will provide GHP with opportunities to convene and align actions based on emerging evidence.

Nutrition status of women in reproductive age and children

  • To explore current nutrition status of women and children under the age of 5 of rural regions from each district of Pakistan.

  • To develop nutrition education lessons based on WHO/UNICEF recommendations and to standardize them with the major aim to educate, particularly the head of the farming family about the importance of appropriate nutrition in health of their women and its effect on their children’s wellbeing.

  • To provide guidelines to the families to enhance the productivity of high quality foods; to select the appropriate dietary items and better utilization of available foods.

  • To evaluate the effect of nutrition education on health and nutritional status of women and children.


One of the key objectives of this project is the reinforcing community health promotion through context oriented Behavior Change Communication (BCC) strategy in order to:

  • Enhance awareness of male and female community members of health promoting and disease preventing behaviors.

  • Increase knowledge, influence attitudes and promote healthy behaviors among community members. The interventions to be designed through this project, will be focused on the following desired outcomes:

    • Improvement in maternal, neonatal and child healthcare

    • Healthy life style

    • Reduced burden of non-communicable diseases (especially diabetes and mental health)

    • Improved nutrition of women from poor backgrounds.


SAMEO has set up collaborations with intra and inter countries academic institutes and NGOs in SAMEO region to assess various regional issues around maternal and child morbidity and mortality rate and subsequently endeavour to overcome those issues through the development of new policies and strategies.

AHSC will be set up in SAMEO region for training and education of midwives and birth attenders


SAMEO aims to generate money through various sole and partnered projects to assist with other aspects of the health field, which indirectly will improve maternal and child health outcomes in developing countries.