SAMEO & Philanthropy

SAMEO aims to generate money through various sole and partnered projects to assist with other aspects of the health field, which indirectly will improve maternal and child health outcomes in developing countries.

  • Some of the many such projects that SAMEO plans to do include increasing the availability of costly treatments such as IVF in affluent areas, which will raise funds to further serve women and children of marginalised regions.

  • SAMEO will also develop non-profit programmes for non-GM food growth, due to reduced nutritional value.

  • SAMEO will promote, partner and conduct clean drinking water projects to prevent the ingestion of precise germs that cause infections, diarrhea and dehydration which are responsible for more than half of infant deaths.

  • SAMEO will also work with other organizations to carry out research on precise bacteria that cause conditions which are much responsible for child mortality and will further progress this into development of new and improved vaccines to protect children in their respected regions.

  • SAMEO plans to launch special projects for orphan girls educating them with family planning and reproductive health issues as they are the most neglected in rural regions of developing counties.